Once upon a time. In a place called Hollywood Land. A young ghoul stepped off the bus from Transylvania Kentucky, with stars in her eyes.  She soon began a secretarial job at "Miracle Pictures" (If its a good picture, it's a miracle.) and it was there, she was discovered.  She was the star of the seldom seen film "The thing that ate the Brown Derby."  She went on to star in such greats as Alvin Pitchforks "Annoyed" and Boolah Lugrossy's "Vampire Vixens from Virginia." Never quite reaching the top, Eulogy retired into her mansion, vowing to bring shame to every  horror movie that ever succeeded above her own, (Which was most.) Now, she has returned to the world of the living to shed light on that dismal side of Horrorwood known as the B movie. Join her here for her whacky, creepy, TV station "Em TV"

where she and her haunted house full of off the wall characters bring you the oddest in monster kid programming.

Shortly after opening her station, Eulogy gained the sole custody of her brother, Mortimer. Mortimer had spent some years in the Jittery Hills Home for the Emotionally Cankered, due to

an incident involving an ice cream scoop.  He joins his sister now with a veritable circus of


Now, together, they screen the best of the worst (and even the worst of the best) films to ever be made. Tons of cult classics, forgotten gems, trash cinema, gore galore and exploitation are all shown with a little education and ALOT of madness.

Enjoy all the fun here at eulogymortem.com

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